For Music Artists Who Are Tired of Being Undervalued and Want to Thrive in New Ways That The Music Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About!

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Have You Reached a Point with Your Music Where…

It’s been years now, and everything you’re trying is just not taking off with your music?
You’ve been exhausted from promoting your own shows, dragging fans there, and after all that hard work, you've still been playing in front of small crowds and getting paid next to nothing for it?
You're tired of undervaluing yourself by getting paid less than 1 cent per music stream while streaming companies keep over 99% of the revenue from the songs YOU created, recorded, and invested in?
You've spent hours on social media marketing your music (just like they told you to do), but you're still not growing your fan base or making money from it?
You're sick of playing for free for "good exposure" and years of having to "pay your dues" in the music industry?
You feel stuck with your music passion, overwhelmed, and confused about what direction to go in?
You feel like you’re secretly outgrowing your band members and you’re ready for something better, easier, bigger?

Maybe it's Even Gotten to the Point Where...

You have a burning passion for music, but you're sick of the uphill struggle and you’ve even thought about quietly walking away from it?
You’ve been hungry to get a new album out there, but you don't have the money, the resources, or the time to make it happen so your music continues being cut off from the world?
You’re tired of your uninspiring day job, balancing it with your music, and you’ve concluded that your music will never make as much or more than your day job does?
You’re convinced that the only people who can make good money with music are college professors, rock stars, or artists who get their music placed in film or TV?
Deep down, you’re tired (or even jealous) of hearing about other music artists who are making it who are  way less talented than you are? 

Honestly, I used to experience ALL of these, but I went from…

Playing in front of small crowds at coffee shops, bars, clubs, and sometimes even PAYING venues up to $2,000 to play to…

Performing in front of sold-out audiences of hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people at conferences!
Making more income with my music in ONE month than an entire year at my university job!
Growing my fan base from a couple hundred to thousands in weeks vs years!
Prospering with my music full-time without having to tour or promote on social media!

Tiamo's Keynote Concert for 1,500 San Diego county employees

Tiamo in front of 15,000 health care professionals

But Before I Was Doing That For a Living, I Was Doing THIS...

That “Liger” in the picture was ME, back when…

I was a broke musician gigging on the weekends, working 3 part-time jobs (including being a mascot for $8 per hour), and feeling more lost than ever. I yearned to get my music out there, but the sad thing is…

I was literally hiding behind a liger suit. So my question to YOU is...

Are You Tired of Hiding Your Gift and Your Music From the World?


You no longer had to compromise yourself for your music dream?
You no longer felt unfulfilled, small, jealous, drained, exhausted, resentful, embarrassed, or even shameful about not making it with your music?.
You no longer had to hustle, grind, and force your way through the music business while going broke in the process and have nothing to show for it? 


A step-by-step course out there that was totally new and you could flow freelytoward your music dream while making even more than your day job? 


Share your music with the world in a BIG way!
Make the kind of income that you’re TRULY worth!
Have hundreds and even thousands of fans in the seats without doing a thing to get them there!
Shine your message and light in a way that you've never felt before!
Do what you love for a living, share your gift, and make a huge impact!

ALL of this without needing an agent, manager, label, or publishing deal! I walked away from my management and it’s the best decision I ever made with my music! I want the same freedom & empowerment for you.


I could mentor you as you go through this course while you have the support from me, my team, and our Musicpreneur community!

Student success panel at Tiamo's live workshop

The Impact

When you go through the course, you will discover how to...

Grow your music business outside the conventional music industry model through Keynote Concerts, High-End Custom Songs, Private VIP Concerts, Fan Monthly Memberships, and having your very own Private Concert Host Club!
Use my "Instant Sold Out Crowd Formula" that will get you on live conference stages where you ONLY perform in front of sold out crowds and they do ALL the promotion for you!
Grow your fan base more from ONE conference gig than an entire year of gigging all without ever using social media! No fan base? No problem. I’ll tell you how to attract waves of fans in ways that no one in the music industry is teaching! TIP: There are over 5,000 conferences per day!
Generate a waiting list of clients and fans who will pay you thousands for your custom songwriting (my fee is $7K per song). Hard to believe? Not anymore! I share tons of my real life examples and how this can become real in YOUR life!
Get high-end custom song clients, instant orders, smoothly navigate the creative process, land affiliate partners, and get consistent referrals that come to you!
Craft your Keynote Concert to have the confidence you need to get booked on the biggest & highest paying live conference stages that have mega budgets set aside to handsomely pay you! My fee is $10K per gig and the average conference budget is 1.4 million, which means they have the $$$ to easily pay you what you deserve!
Break into the 4 hidden conference markets if you only knew WHERE to find event planners and HOW to get booked! I'll show you my step-by-step contact system. TIP: Just a few of these gigs can generate a full year's income and 1 per month can generate 6-figures and much more!  
Utilize all the template contracts you need to be "contract ready" with companies, schools, and private clients. TIP: Having ready-to-go contracts in place makes you look like a pro, not having them doesn't. 
Use the exact method I've used to get booked in front of 15,000 people as an indie artist while getting paid more per hour than I used to make per month at my old university job!
Duplicate my "Quality vs Quantity" formula for gigging and how to become a thriving career musician without having to "pay your dues" or tour if you don’t want to!

Your Transformation

This Course is Designed to Show You Step-By-Step How To...

Have the knowledge you need to realistically map out exactly HOW and WHEN you’re going to walk out of your day job  to do your music full-time! I call this your “Freedom Day”!
Be empowered with access to the same checklists, templates, cheat sheets, and booking emails that I use to get booked and get clients!
Be highly recognized using the simple method I use to get corporate sponsors behind your music!
Breakthrough your biggest fears, insecurities, doubts, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs about yourself and money that have held you down without knowing it! My "mindset modules" are dedicated to your new thriving artist success!
Feel re-invigorated, re-energized, confident, and on fire about your music dream because you now have a clear and proven plan of action!
Be a part of my intimate community of motivated musicians where you will get to connect & collaborate with other talented international artists in our private Facebook group and live member calls! 

Student Success Stories

"I’ve tripled my monthly income over the last couple of years since working with you Tiamo! And now, my co-writer and I are consistently making $10,000 per month in custom song orders.

We've made as much as $6,000 per song, and got $11,500 in orders last month!! Thank you for being a stand for artists like me to stop starving and start THRIVING! YOU ROCK!"

Krista Richards

"Since working with Tiamo, my life has never been the same. Now, as a mom of 5 kids, it’s been such a blessing to be able to create income at home using the strategies I’ve learned from Tiamo.

I've delivered 16 keynote concerts, 16 custom songs, & I’ve been able to create thousands of dollars doing this part-time! Thank you, Tiamo! You've changed my life!"

Ashley Ludlow

"Since working with Tiamo, our music careers have exploded! We got 20 custom song orders this year, 4 keynote concert bookings, 2 master classes, and our live concerts have grossed over $18,000! 

But most of all, we love that Tiamo has helped set us up for long-term growth and abundance and now, we no longer trade time for money, but value for money!"

The LoBros Band (Christian and Salvador Lopez)

"Working with Tiamo has been absolutely life changing for me! His program blew my mind and since starting, I got 5 new custom song clients and made more money from just 1 of those clients than I did the entire previous year with my music business! Plus, I've gotten booked for 8 keynote concerts now!

Steve Pederson

“After 20 years of being a performing songwriter, it wasn’t until I met Tiamo that I began applying his teachings to grow my music business in ways that were so inspiring to me!

Since then, I’ve written 11 custom songs and performed 10 keynote concerts.  I can say that working with Tiamo has definitely given me greater confidence in myself and a desire to get my message out to the world in new ways!”

Sandra Winter

"Tiamo gives you material that's invaluable. I know because I recently got my 1st custom song order for $6,500!!

I've also used Tiamo's template contracts for music that I wrote for a feature film and they've worked perfectly. I heartily, heartily, heartily recommend that you take Tiamo's courses! They are absolutely superb!"

Frank Cappola

Matt Kelly testimonial

Total Value $12,482

Order Now at 92% OFF For

*** $997 ***

*** $997 ***

Before the Bonuses + Discount Expire in...

The timer has expired!


See Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Bonuses Below

Inside The Course

Module 1: Musicpreneur Mindset
How to transition into a thriving artist mindset to get high-level gigs, clients, and finally get paid what you're worth!
Module 2: Custom Songs (Part 1)
How to get high-end custom song clients, wedding planners and affiliate partners to promote you, and charge thousands per
song order! 
Module 3: Custom Songs (Part 2) - How to confidently navigate the creative process, song ownership, and receive glowing 5-star client testimonials and referrals! 
Module 4: Keynote Concerts (Part 1) - How to craft and deliver your “Keynote Concert” speech, offer upgrade experiences, and make a lucrative living from 1-2 gigs per month at large-scale conferences!
Module 5: Keynote Concerts (Part 2) - How to have everything in place that you need to get booked for Keynote Concerts, build relationships with event planners, and get referred! 
Module 6: Fan Monthly Memberships - How to rapidly grow your fan base in new ways and make recurring revenue from fan monthly memberships!
Module 7: Private Concerts - How to get fans to become Private Concert Hosts who do all the promoting for you, host the events, and you make great income to just show up and perform! 
Module 8: Masterclasses - How to get booked and deliver masterclasses for students at colleges and universities that pay you as a guest presenter!
Module 9: Sponsorships & Merch Sales - How to get corporate sponsors behind your music, offer merch bundles so fans buy multiple products, and maximize merch profits!
Module 10 (Musicpreneur Success) - How to integrate the “12 Pillars of Success” for musicpreneurs to have scalable, lasting success and prosperity with your music business! 

10-Module Course + Private Facebook Group: $1,997 Value

Course Bonuses

BONUS #1: Template booking emails, phone scripts, & Event Planner Training to land your 1st Keynote Concert & Private VIP Concert gigs! ($1,997 value)

Use the same email templates and phone scripts that Tiamo and his students use to reach out to conference event planners to get booked!
Know exactly where to find event planners, how to contact them, and what to say (word-for-word) when you do!
Use our email templates to get booked for private VIP concerts as an add-on VIP experience following your keynote concert!

BONUS #2: Template contracts & legal agreements for your keynote concert & custom song clients! ($4,997 value)

Be "contract ready" the minute companies, schools, & associations ask you to send them your keynote concert contract.
Be on the same page with your custom song clients about the creative process, song delivery, and ensure you get paid in the timeframe you agree on.

BONUS #3Keynote Concert outline template & master + sync music license templates! ($997 value)

Deliver your Keynote Concert with confidence using our template that maps out when to tell stories, implement transitions, perform songs, and how to open/close your speech! 
Combine custom songs with keynote concerts and make an additional $10K when companies and schools purchase your music licenses when you use our templates!

BONUS #4: Template marketing emails & social media posts to get your 1st high-paying custom song clients! ($1,997 value)

Use our word-for-word email & social media templates to send out to your fans, contacts, and businesses to get your first custom song orders!  
Use our recommended marketing timelines to get clients throughout the year before holidays, celebrations, and milestone occasions! 

BONUS #5: Custom song consultation script, song interview script, & referral partner email templates! ($497 value) 

Use the exact line-by-line phone/video script that Tiamo and his students use to get high-end custom song orders during the free consultation!
Use our template to interview your new custom song clients for songwriting ideas and inspiration.
Get wedding planner and fan referral partners who promote your custom songwriting business to their contacts!

Coaching Bonuses

BONUS #6: Live monthly group coaching calls with Tiamo!

Get live mentoring from Tiamo during his monthly member-only calls on Zoom when you order before the bonus deadline!

BONUS #7: Unlimited email coaching support for 1 full year!

Have questions as you go through the course? Get unlimited email access to Tiamo and his team for 1 full year if you order before the bonus deadline!

Content + Bonus Delivery


Each week, you'll get access to a new module allowing enough time to go through the content & take action steps. But if you're extra motivated & have more time on your hands, there's an option to upgrade after check out to get the entire course all at once (available only if you full pay). 

Whether watching one module per week or binge watching the entire
course, students have had great success with both...like our students below!


You will receive the course bonuses upon accessing each module as bonuses are tied to individual modules. Coaching bonuses are available immediately. For live monthly group coaching calls with Tiamo, notifications & reminders will be sent to you! 

More Student Success Stories

"Woohoo! I just sold my first custom song!! The contract is for $5K!

This started out as a custom song for a high school graduation. It's a love story from mom and dad to their daughter. This was so easy and it felt so good! It's been life-validating and exhilarating for me!

You've mapped it out for all of us, and I'm so grateful. Thank you Tiamo!"

Debbra Sweet

"Since working with Tiamo, I’ve written and performed a keynote concert at a school and I've delivered 7 custom songs for couples, companies, and even a grandson for his grandfather for Christmas!"

Marklyn Retzer

Thank you so much for all your amazing advice Tiamo!!!!!!!!!!! We love your program and feel so lucky to have found you!! My daughter Torrey is a singer/songwriter and she’s so excited about all your strategies. She is running No Bully assemblies in schools K-8 and having amazing results

Beth Mercer (Torrey Mercer’s Mom)

Want to be our NEXT success story?

Total Value $12,482

Order Now at 92% OFF For

*** $997 ***

*** $997 ***

Before the Bonuses + Discount Expire in...

The timer has expired!


See Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Below


We are so confident in the value of this course that we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Should you request a refund within 30 days, you'll just need to show us that you've gone through the course by answering a brief questionnaire. However, we highly doubt it will come to that since our students have made thousands from what we teach, and we believe you are worth investing $997 in yourself to have a lifetime of success.

Tiamo De Vettori
Musicpreneur Academy

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