We are now accepting applicants for the 2023 Mastermind that encompasses private & group coaching with Tiamo De Vettori as part of the 6-month curriculum. Our mastermind opens enrollment once per year & is the only opportunity for coaching with Tiamo. Book a breakthrough session with a coach to find out more!

Book a private music prosperity breakthrough session by May 10 at 11:59 PM PT!









You book a private 20-minute breakthrough session with a coach on our team on Zoom. The deadline to book is May 10th, & you'll have until May 17th to fulfill your session. 


On the session, we'll dive into what you need most now to have success with your music passion, & you'll have an opportunity to ask questions about the mastermind.


If we're a mutual fit, you'll be invited to apply.


If selected, you'll start the mastermind May 18th & graduate October 20th, 2023.

Janine De Lorenzo

"I wanted to give up my soul destroying day job, so I followed everything to the letter that Tiamo suggested in the mastermind & got 7 people wanting custom songs from 1 gig, & now 3 more clients! I’ve been blown away, & gave up my day job to do this full-time!"

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Val Vigoda

"I wouldn’t have had the courage to get up in front of my 1st corporate audience, tell my vulnerable story, & play a ballad. That gig was $10,000, & I have another Keynote Concert in July & the price has gone up to $12,500! After going through the mastermind, I’m thinking like a CEO now & this feels amazing!"

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Kris Cox

"I came into the mastermind having a full-time job doing real estate for 17 years. I was doing music as a hobby, but wanted it to be my career. This mastermind helped me realize I could make music my career, and now it has flip flopped where I'm an inspirational speaker-singer-songwriter who does real estate on the side!"

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1. What is the mastermind all about, and how will it help me to have success?

Over the years, we have found that what almost everyone lacks in achieving success and fulfillment is mentorship, structure, accountability, and community. The mastermind provides all 4 through coaching, bi-weekly mastermind trainings, accountability groups, and our in-person live retreat at the end of the 6-month curriculum! All coaching and training calls are led by Tiamo on Zoom.

2. What does the curriculum include?

You will be crafting your 1-hour keynote concert with the goal of delivering it to live audiences within the 6-month mastermind. Depending on the level you join, you will also have the opportunity to present a portion of your final keynote concert at the live mastermind retreat.

You will also be learning about getting high-end custom song clients, how to integrate it with keynote concerts, and how to scale your custom songwriting business.

Other topics include private VIP concerts, growing your network of private concert hosts, and fan monthly memberships. Also, at the end of every mastermind call, there is open Q&A to support you with where you are at in the process.

3. What's the time commitment?

There will be 2 bi-weekly mastermind calls per month for 6 months. Each call is roughly 90-120 minutes (but sometimes we go over).

If you join at the VIP level, you will have 3 private coaching calls with Tiamo which are roughly 1 hour each.

The live in-person retreat will be hosted in Phoenix, Arizona and will be 2 or 3 days depending on the level you join.

All other time commitments will be based on your workflow and times you agree upon with your accountability group within the mastermind.

4. Is it worth the investment?

Everyone has a different value system on what makes this mastermind journey worthwhile. We find that there are 4 main factors which include personal growth, knowledge gained, friendships and collaborations formed, and results achieved. All of these are given priority within the mastermind framework, but we invite you to hear from mastermind alumni and students below including Kristine who said...

Book a private music prosperity breakthrough session by May 10 at 11:59 PM PT!








more Success Stories

David Brownlee

 "I'm speaking in Italy right now at conference with 600 entrepreneurs. It's absolutely amazing how much Tiamo cares about you & your success. From speaking for LinkedIn to Harley Davidson, the results go on and on. If you're thinking about working with Tiamo, don't hesitate! Work with him!"


Jackie Gage

"I booked my first custom song client, Tiamo! But it's only because of the tools that you gave about how to do it that it happened. Someone already reached out via email about doing another! Thank you so many times over."


I'm making $10K per month!

I've tripled my monthly income over the last couple of years since going through your program Tiamo! And now, my co-writer and I are consistently making $10,000 per month in custom song orders. We've made as much as $6,000 per song, and got $11,500 in orders last month!! Thank you for being a stand for artists like me to stop starving and start THRIVING! YOU ROCK!

Krista Richards

I got booked for $7.5K!

I booked my first keynote concert for $7,500, in addition to 4 other smaller ones! I just want to thank you for what you’ve done and how you’ve given me a lot of hope. You’ve WAY over-delivered Tiamo! Thank you!

Matt Kelly

Our music careers have exploded!

Since working with Tiamo, our music careers have exploded! We got 20 custom song orders this year, 4 keynote concert bookings, 2 master classes, and our live concerts have grossed over $18,000! But most of all, we love that Tiamo has helped set us up for long-term growth and abundance and now, we no longer trade time for money, but value for money!

The LoBros Band (Christian & Salvador Lopez)

I've been able to create thousands of dollars doing this part-time!

Since working with Tiamo, my life has never been the same. Now as a Mom of 5 kids, it's been such a blessing to be able to create income at home using the strategies that I've learned from Tiamo.

I've delivered 16 keynote concerts, 17 custom songs, and I've been able to create thousands of dollars doing this part-time. Thank you, Tiamo! You've changed my life!

Ashley Ludlow

I pitched that experience for $10K!

This whole new world has opened up, and it’s been amazing!

I got hired for my 1st virtual keynote concert, and the corporation hired me for 2-3 different things...including my 1st big custom "anthem song" that I integrated into the concert. I pitched that experience to them for $10,000, and I'm doing stuff now that's blowing my mind.

I can absolutely, 100%, say that I wouldn’t have come this far this quickly, if ever, without having Tiamo as a coach.

Michael Tiernan

I got 5 new custom song clients and 8 keynote concerts!

Working with Tiamo has been absolutely life changing for me! His program blew my mind and since starting, I got 5 new custom song clients and made more money from just 1 of those clients than I did the entire previous year with my music business! Plus, I’ve gotten booked for 8 Keynote Concerts now!

Steve Pederson

It would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less!

I can’t believe how much value you give. I’m blown away! I knew your training would have good content, but really, you just outdid yourself. I feel so inspired to make music an even bigger part of my life now! Without your coaching, it would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less! Much admiration and thanks Tiamo!

Deanna Maio

I've delivered 7 custom songs!

Since working with Tiamo, I've written and performed a keynote concert at a school and I've delivered 7 custom songs for couples, companies, and even a grandson for his grandfather for Christmas!

Marklyn Retzer

Book a private discovery session here by May 10th at 11:59 PM PST!