JVs: What Is Your Tribe
Without Music?

Hi Tribe Leader!

My name is Tiamo and I’m a transformational singer/songwriter. I hope you enjoyed the song I sang for you and your tribe in the video above and welcome to my “Unleash The Rock Star Within” launch! Before I get to all the amazing Rock Star prizes you could win, I have a question for you about your tribe…

What is a tribe without music? What is YOUR tribe without music? Can you imagine a tribe with…


  • frown NO dancing…
  • frown NO singing…
  • frown NO unified rhythm…
  • frown NO heart-songs?

Music is the heart-beat of every tribe.

That’s why I’m inviting you to promote my new album called “Living The Lyrics” in support of the transformation your tribe can have through the vehicle of personal development music and lyrics that they can…

Connect to, dance to, sing to, and most of all, FEEL INTO…like a tribe! Best of all, I have countless stories of major breakthroughs, leaps of faith, people stepping up to invest in themselves, and lives changed because of lyrics they heard in my songs (read testimonials below). Now, I want the same impact for you and YOUR tribe!


 My FREE song offer

When To Mail:

 Oct. 6th-Nov. 7th

The Goal:

Top 3 partners with the most album sales win my incredible "Unleash The Rock Star Within" prizes!

How It Works:

You send out my swipe copy to your tribe

Included in the copy is a link to my music page

They opt-in to get 2 free mp3 song downloads from me

After they opt-in, they can purchase my album “Living The Lyrics” for $19 including 25 tracks (16 songs and 9 stories about the songs).


For every album sold, I will donate 15% to Landfillharmonic, a non-profit organization that transforms landfill garbage into beautiful musical instruments for kids in Third World schools. My goal is to raise $20K so Third World communities can provide instruments for their children so they can use music as their emotional outlet, sense of purpose, and inspiration.

As one child from Landfillharmonic put it, “My life would be worthless without music.”


Outcome For Participants:

Take inspired action through the message of my music (i.e. invest more in YOU and your trainings)!

Breakthrough fears and limiting beliefs!

More connection to the tribe!


“Tiamo’s music literally saved my life and gave me hope.” – E. Williams

“I believe that your music is another miracle in my life. Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I have been listening to it as inspiration to keep on going and even start a movement!” – F. Gasiorowski

“I’m listening to your new album right now and I was so moved that it brought streams of tears to my eyes. Thank you for your music and message that has helped me accomplish my dream of helping others achieve THEIRS!” – E. Call

“Your song “Butterfly” is helping me beyond what I can express in words. Tiamo, thank you for being a vessel of Divine Love, Truth and Wisdom for me.” – M. Leona

“I am so grateful for all the goose bumps, tears, energy, and connection that your music evokes!” – T. Koch

“Your music has made such a difference in my life! It makes me feel alive, raises my energy, helps me stand in possibilities, and makes it easier to do the scary things in this world!” – A. Netri

“Thank you for affirming my value through your music. Your lyrics landed straight in my heart.” – A. Pratt

“Tiamo, your music and your mission has had an impact on me that I don’t think you fully know.” – P. Scott

“Tiamo, I wanted to let you know how much your music is touching my life. It has really made a difference in getting me connected and opening my heart” – B. Bauer

“Your songs are so beautiful and pull at my heart as they encourage, inspire, and uplift me. They even help me see my own value.” – R. Gruyter


************ FOR ALL JV PARTNERS ************

Everyone who promotes will be invited to my PRIVATE JV CONCERT/MIXER in San Francisco on Saturday, Oct. 17th!

Exclusive details will be sent to you!

Partners with the most album sales get reciprocal mailing and...

ribbon1st1st Place Prize includes…

1) Your very own radio quality custom song about you, your message, and your tribe (7K VALUE)! Other leaders who have their own custom song(s) by me include:

John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeir, Christian Mickelsen, Lisa Cherney, Jeanna Gabellini, Sean Stephenson, Christy Whitman, Kate Steinbacher, Brandy Mychals & more!

2) “Rockstar Weekend” with me and my producers in the studio during recording! Plus, YOU get to either SING or PLAY on the song if you choose! I will be your performance coach and we’ll get rock star video footage of YOU in studio! (4K VALUE)

Track Star Studio

3) I perform your custom song live at your event & YOU accompany me if you choose! (2K VALUE)

4) Free private concert for you and your mastermind/VIPs! (1K value)

5) My album gifted to all your mastermind members/VIPs!


ribbon2nd2nd Place Prize includes…

1) Your very own radio quality custom song! (7K value)

2) I perform your song live at your event! (2K value)

3) My album gifted to all your mastermind members/VIPs!


ribbon3rd3rd Place Prize includes…

1) Your very own custom song music video! (3K value)

2) My album gifted to all your mastermind members/VIPs


Custom Song Sample "It Starts With Me"

What Can You Use Your Custom Song For?

Branding, marketing, and monetizing! This is your message and mission in a song! Play it at your live events, videos, teleseminars, webinars, sales pages, and sell the song in CD form!

Commission (Co-Mission):

Because of the low price point ($20 per album and 15% to the cause) rather than commission, the focus is on the co-mission…the message, the transformation, the cause. But, with rock star prizes like these, I hope YOU win so we can have a rock star experience together!

My Music:

If you don’t already have my new album, let me know at Tiamo@MusicpreneurAcademy.com and I’ll personally ship you a copy as my gift to you! If you want to hear song clips, you can visit my music page!


Yes, I'd love to offer your music to my tribe Tiamo!

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