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To give you the support, guidance, resources, and community you need to achieve these results, Musicpreneur Academy was created for music artists, by music artists.

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Coaching & Education

24 group coaching call recordings led by our Founder/CEO, Tiamo De Vettori

Prosper with your music when you follow our ultimate insider training as Tiamo coaches his private mastermind group of musicpreneurs to grow their careers! Recordings include Tiamo’s most exclusive content and real world coaching advice that has never been released to the public until now! Average call length is 90 minutes.

$4,000 value

Scholarship ticket - Music Prosperity Mastery

Join Tiamo for 3 days where music artists come from all over the world to connect with our community of motivated musicians, songwriters, and producers, meet our new music industry leaders and influencers, and get coaching and guidance from Tiamo! Deep collaborations and mentoring are formed from this premier annual seminar, and your music business will launch like never before!

$2,000 value

Master class - Part time musician, Full time income

Make career income as an indie music artist in new and innovative ways without needing a manager, agent, publishing deal or label! This video masterclass will show you exactly what steps to take…especially if you have a full time day job or you’re currently doing music on the side!

$500 value

Master Class - Secret high paying gigs in the new music industry

Get high-paying gigs without having to tour, self-promote, or spend hours marketing yourself on social media! This audio masterclass will show you exactly where these secret gigs are, who will book you, and how to perform in front of instant sold out audiences…even if they’ve never heard of you!

$500 value


25 expert interview downloads

Accelerate your music business by learning from 25 esteemed guest experts! Tiamo interviews our highly acclaimed panel of new music industry leaders, pioneers, and independent artists who are doing their music full time! Average interview length is 90 minutes.

$2,000 value

30 Steps to Set Up Your Music Business for Success - download the guide

Thrive as a musicpreneur when you follow the steps that Tiamo has trail blazed for you in setting up your music business for success! Inside this coveted PDF, you’ll discover Tiamo’s most progressive and non-traditional ways to grow your highly profitable music business!

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Follow Up Formula - download the guide

Get booked for lucrative gigs, attract high-end clients, and form relationships with top influencers when you us Tiamo’s “Follow Up Formula”! This PDF will guide you step-by-step on the exact days to follow up with contacts and opportunities…and when to email or call!

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Surprise Membership Gift

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In their Words:

 I've tripled my monthly income!

 I've tripled my monthly income over the last couple of years since going through your program Tiamo! Thank you for being a stand for artists like me to stop starving and start THRIVING! YOU ROCK!

Krista Richards

Our music careers have exploded!

Since working with Tiamo, our music careers have exploded! We've done 20 custom songs this year ($1,500 per song on average), 4 keynote concerts, 2 master classes, and our live concerts have grossed over $18,000! But most of all, we love that Tiamo has helped set us up for long-term growth and abundance and now, we no longer trade time for money, but value for money!

The LoBros Band (Christian & Salvador Lopez)

I've been able to create thousands of dollars doing this part-time!

As a Mom of 5 kids and using the strategies that I've learned from Tiamo, I've delivered 8 keynote concerts, 10 custom songs, and I've been able to create thousands of dollars doing this part-time. Thank you, Tiamo! You've changed my life!

Ashley Ludlow

I got 5 new custom song clients and 8 keynote concerts!

Working with Tiamo has been absolutely life changing for me! His program blew my mind and since starting, I got 5 new custom song clients and made more money from just 1 of those clients than I did the entire previous year with my music business! Plus, I’ve gotten booked for 8 Keynote Concerts now!

Steve Pederson

It would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less!

I can’t believe how much value you give. I’m blown away! I knew your training would have good content, but really, you just outdid yourself. I feel so inspired to make music an even bigger part of my life now! Without your coaching, it would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less! Much admiration and thanks Tiamo!

Deanna Maio

I've delivered 7 custom songs!

Since working with Tiamo, I've written and performed a keynote concert at a school and I've delivered 7 custom songs for couples, companies, and even a grandson for his grandfather for Christmas!

Marklyn Retzer

meet just a few of our 16 musicpreneur guest experts

Bob Baker

Bob Baker

Author of the highly acclaimed "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook” and the "Music Marketing 101" course that ran for 5 years at Berklee College of Music. CD Baby called him "The Godfather of Independent Music Marketing."

Interview Topic: “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make that Keep Them from Building a Fan Base and a Thriving Career”

Per Bristow

Per Bristow

Creator of the “Sing With Freedom” and “The Singing Zone” programs that have trained singers in 132 countries. Per trains performers to become a more influential and successful communicator—and perform at their peak when it matters most.

Interview Topic: “From Voice Training To Peak Performance: The Art Of Attracting Your Audience”

Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt

Author of the book “Music Success in 9 Weeks” and “Musicians Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter”. Founding owner of Ariel Publicity and CyberPR, a digital firm representing over 1,500 musicians that connects musicians to blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations, and social media."

Interview Topic: “How to Get Massive Online Exposure to Grow Your Following and Music Career”

Graham English

Graham English

Certified Songwriting Master from Berklee Music, best-selling author of “Logic Pro X For Dummies”, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, jazz-trained keyboard, music producer and studio musician.

Interview Topic: “The Songwriting Blueprint: How to Become an In Demand Songwriter”

David Cutler

David Cutler

Author of the book “The Savvy Musician”, Professor of Music Entrepreneurship at University of South Carolina, concert producer, jazz and classical composer, pianist, speaker.

Interview Topic: “How to be a Savvy Musician, Make a Difference, and Earn a Living in the Modern Music Era”

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

Co-Founder of Launch and Release, Ian teaches systems to help artists with their crowdfunding campaigns. Over the past 2 years, Ian has helped raise nearly $1,500,000 with 120+ artists.

Interview Topic: “Crowdfunding for Musicians: Paying for Your Next Project Without Breaking Your Bank Account”

Josquin Des Pres

Josquin Des Pres

Voting board member of the Grammys, world renowned Producer, author of 18 books including “Creative Careers in Music”, composer, music placement with 17 major TV networks.

Interview Topic: “How to Submit Songs and Get Signed to Music Publishing Companies that Shop Your Music to TV Networks”

Bree Noble

Bree Noble

CEO of Women of Substance Radio & host of #1 Award-Winning Music Podcast. She also hosts the Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast and is a champion for DIY Indie female artists.

Interview Topic: “Design Your Own Music Business Success Plan: How To Double Your Productivity & Profits in The Next 90 Days”


meet just a few of our 10 MUSIC Artist guest experts



Singer/songwriter, performed at over 200 colleges and universities. L.A. Music Award’s “Singer/Songwriter of the Year”. Song placement in “The Young and Restless”. #1 album review rating in Music Connection Magazine.

Interview Topic: “How to Get Booked in the College Market and at Music Festivals”

Justin James

Justin James

International touring singer/songwriter, music placed with multiple major TV networks. Songs licensed to companies such as McDonald’s, Delta Airlines, Hollister, etc.

Interview Topic: “How to get songs licensed and placed in film and TV in domestic and international markets while making career income as an indie artist”

Sara Westbrook

Sara Westbrook

Motivational singer/songwriter/speaker. Conducts “U-Power Concerts” at elementary schools, high schools, and colleges.


Interview Topic: “How to Get Booked in the Youth Market Including Elementary Schools, High Schools, and Colleges as a Motivational Musician”

Chris Burton Jácome

Chris Burton Jácome

Flameco guitarist, John Lennon songwriting contest winner. Songs appear on numerous TV shows and the movie “Amreeka”, a Cannes Film Festival award winner. Music Director for “Calo Flamenco”.


Interview Topic: “How to Build a Thriving Music Career in Innovative and Non-Mainstream Ways” 

Group Coaching Call Topics

How to get booked for high paying “Keynote Concerts”


How to get high-end custom song clients


How to get booked in the corporate market

How to get booked in the college market

How to get booked in the high-school market

How to create a compelling video demo reel to get booked

How to raise all the funds you need for your next album

How to create your marketing “dream team” of fans who intern for free

How to get monthly paid fan memberships

How to get event planners contacting you

PLUS 14 other calls that will be sent to you bi-weekly!

In their Words:

I recently sold 3 of my own custom song packages for $1,500 each for a total of $4,500!

Hey Tiamo! Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you do. I’ve learned a ton from you so far! I recently sold 3 of my own custom song packages for $1,500 each for a total of $4,500! Thank you so much!

Michael Heaton

Your resources and tools are exactly what musicians need in order to succeed

You give such valuable information! I’ve been a singer/songwriter for over 10 years and I’ve come to realize that your resources and tools are exactly what musicians need in order to succeed! Thank you so much for all that you do!”

Mark Bolger

This has really helped me make great income!

Tiamo is the real deal! He makes it possible for independent musicians to make great money from their music in ways that are truly empowering! What I found really inspiring was the many different types of creative income streams he teaches. This has really helped me make great income! Another shift was simply going to venues where they have bigger budgets and pay a lot more!! I didn’t know how to do that before, but now I do! Thank you Tiamo!

Dimitra Politis

review of mUSICPRENEUR ACADEMY membership benefits

  24 group coaching call recordings

($4,000 value) 

25 guest expert interview recordings

($2,000 value)

Scholarship ticket to Music Prosperity Mastery

($2,000 value)

Master class recording of “Part Time Musician, Full Time Income”

($500 value) 

Master class recording of “Secret High Paying Gigs in the New Music Industry”

($500 value)

PDF download of “30 Steps to Set Up Your Music Business for Success”

($500 value) 

PDF download of “Follow Up Formula”

($250 value)

Private Facebook group


Surprise membership welcome gift in the mail!



Get started today and access EVERYTHING you need to keep up-to-date on the latest strategies to rapidly grow your music business!

In their Words:

Having amazing results!

Thank you so much for all your amazing advice Tiamo!!!!!!!!!!! We love your program and feel so lucky to have found you!! My daughter Torrey is a singer/songwriter and she’s so excited about all your strategies. She is running No Bully assemblies in schools K-8 and having amazing results!

Beth Mercer (Torrey Mercer’s Mom),

Life Changer!

I honestly think your teleseminar today may have changed my life. Thank you so much!

A.J. Lauer

There’s no reason why you can’t make a great career out of your music!

If you ever get the chance to hear Tiamo’s advice on how to make more money doing what you love with your music, I highly recommend it! This man is a GENIUS! There’s no reason why you can’t make a great career out of your music when you follow Tiamo’s advice.

Chris Baker